Hey do you want to track your friends or girlfriend location you have come to the right place. 

[Please note: I am not promoting or supporting any kind of illegal activities this post is only for educational purpose. I will not responsible for anything]

Today we will perform the easiest and fastest way a to track someone location. So we will use use ip tracking. 

Hey hey don't freak out. We will do it in a clever way so that your target will never be able to catch you 🤠

First go to the link below and download the application from play store.

Then open the application. 

Now the tricky part comes. Generally if you directly ask your friend to his mobile phone IP he will not give you that. So based on your friends interest you need to complete this steps. 

For instance one of my friend likes to see girls picture. So I'll Google a actress picture. 

I'll choose one picture and copy the link of that picture. Then paste the link on image option inside ip logger app like this. 

Then copy the logger url and send it to your friend via messenger or any messenger application

Once your friend click the link you will get the ip of your friend in this menu. 

Note that When you have someone's IP address you will be able to see lots of thing that you never even think about such as you will be able to know which website your friend visited which social media your friend is using what his current location. 
If you want to learn what can you do with someone's IP address you can message me on Facebook 
It's a paid service but you will learn lots of things . 
Facebook: Lionel Asif

As for todays example we will learn how to track someone location using their ip address. 

first step is done . It's time to track the exact location location. 

So to do that go to this website >>click<<

Then type the ip of your victim. 

Look it's showing the person location with the exact coordinate. 

If you are smart enough you can do lots of advance things. I'm just showing you the way. There is lot more. So try to explore by yourself 😉

If you have any problem just ask me on Facebook I'm super friendly 😅😅

Facebook: Lionel Asif


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