This is the easiest and best way to create a word press  website website for free

all you need to is just a pc even it can be done on mobile

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please note: this is a sub post of How to hack Facebook. That is why is not the compete tutorial it's the  incomplete part of that post, if you haven't seen the real post check that out by clicking here. 

this tutorial is more of like practical so i'll give you a video link where you will learn everything you need. 
but the key is you must put a relatable domain name so that we can continue facebook hacking. 

I've designed the website for mobile site. 

let's see how our website looks like 

hacking website

pretty legit right?

if you look carefully you will see everything is made like real even facebook button. So it will be more easy to bypass the mind of victim.

you can visit  the site that i created from here.  

Please note this site is only designed for mobile  browser. so it will look perfect when it's done by mobile browser. 
so make sure you designed the site properly 

If you can't make all of this you can simply buy the all requirements file for me only for 10$ isn't a great deal
click here get contact details 

here is the video tutorial how to create a wordpress website 

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