I'll show you how hackers hack someone's Facebook account. And how to be safe from this! 

[Note: I am not promoting any kind of hacking activity. This is an awareness post so that everyone can be safe from this kind of activity. I'll not be responsible for anything wrong. It's only for educational & learning purpose]

Spoiler: this post is going to be very long so read carefully and follow all the steps correctly. If you miss any steps it won't work. You will need to follow and create lot's of things during this process.make sure create everything property.

If you agree with me let's begin:-

You might heard about phishing! Today we will perform advance phishing and I'm pretty sure you will not find this anywhere on internet. 

Our requirements-
1. Fake website
2. Related domain
3. Facebook original page 
4. PHP script
5. Redirect website
(All of them free of cost )

For that we will create a website and a topic related domain. Don't worry everything is free of cost. 

So for the example purpose I'll create a WordPress website. And customize as it's a premium account giveaway site. 
The demand of Netflix account is higher than anything else. That's why I'll make it like a Netflix giveaway website.

If you don't know how to create a WordPress website for free

This is how our website is look like.

remember this is only mobile supported. so it will not look good on pc. you will need to modify by your self  for the further  use.

So, I assume our website is ready!

To see the first website click here 

(this is mobile supported website)

Next we will need to make our Facebook page where the victim will login. 

For security purposes I can't not provide the page here. But if you want to practice by yourself you can get the Facebook page and php script by messaging me . it will cost $10

Step number 3

We have a fake page and Facebook page along with script. Now we need to host our Facebook page. 

To get this work perfectly we will need to host our page over HTTPS so that victim can't get suspicious.

For that we need to create an account on 

Got to the website and sign up with your Gmail. And create the website.
(Note you must put a relatable domain name)
Eg my domain name is 


click here to see how to create and upload the site.

but remember we will only upload our phishing page  when we need after completing hacking we need to delete the file from the public folder from our public folder. by that our account will not be ban and we will be able to hack more accont.

After finishing step 3 

We have to create a redirect page and to make our redirect page extremely fast we will create and host on GitHub.

click here to see how  to create a redirect page on GitHub.

our redirect page will look like this. 

you can visit  the page from here. 

note it is very important to make a confirmation page for this victim will think everything is normal 
so after finishing this you need to add your redirect page link on the php script. 

once you create and make everything properly we can start our final step. 
which is making everything online so that we can perform our Facebook hacking.

our victim will get a link like this if he/she login there it will give them a free netflix  account and i will get a referral bonus for that we need to convenience that by social engineering. 

After he click on login to facebook he will  redirect to my facebook login page which is exactly same as real facebook. 

here is the screenshot of our fake page. 

Whenever someone login to our page we will get his email and password. 

here is the video where you can see how it's done. 

This Vide is removed for Violation

As I told you I'll not make you a target of hacker. Here are the following steps to protect your all online account from Hacker.

If you maintain you will never get hacked. So do follow all the steps. 

  1. The most important rule is create  a complex password. You must make a password with mixed character. Here is an example: (4528WAX??looc!pnx) your password should be like this. Remember this you can use the Short form of your favorite name of anything 
  2. Do not click any link sent from a different person even if it's your classmate don't click any link that you don't understand. if it's important the go to the link you can copy the link and paste on a browser. Don't use Chrome to check the link. download a new browser where you are not logged in via anything 
  3. Don't save password on google Chrome 
  4. Don't tell you Lock Screen pin to any one 
That's it 

(please note lot of content of this post was removed for violation of Terms so If  you  are reading this blog after 20 Sep 2020 you are gonna see the updated post 


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