GitHub is the best place to create and host a static website. It's extremely fast to browse  

Git and GitHub for Beginners II(Tutorial) - CS Note - Medium


[please note: this is the sub post of "How to hack Facebook  account" so it's not the complete tutorial it's the incomplete part of that post] 

View the original post by clicking here 

 Let's start:

 first go to github  and sign up. 
after login to your github account click on create repository

 I have already created some previously so ill just click on my username on  create new organization 

next thing is giving name of your new repository .
It is the most important part of this tutorial. because what  you name your repo. will show as your website domain. 

As I'm going to create this site for the redirect page of facebook hacking website so i am going to name it as confirmation-page 

to do that 

click on your user name  and select create organization

after hit next and skip 

next page you need to give your repository name. I am giving neflix 


make sure to select Public and create repository

after that click on uploading an existing site and upload your site. In my case I will upload my redirect page by giving name as "index.html"

then go to settings located on top right corner and scroll down until you see an option "github pages"

 set sources as master branch  

after That you will get your site url . in my case the url is

that's it . view the facebook hacking post here

chat with me if you have any doubt . my Facebook

if you are totally new to github and don't understand how to host  your website  then you can take the help of youtube. you can check this  video for better guide. 

If you are smart enough you can copy my page html element  on make same as  your confirmation page
so make sure you make everything properly and 
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