Are you using Samsung phone ?😅

You may notice that your phone is little bit slow than other brand or it seems slow to you ! 

Don't be mad on me. I'm not making sarcasm about Samsung brand I am also a Samsung user. 

How to make your Android phone faster in less than 2 minutes with ...

That's why today 
I will show you a simple tricks that will make your phone 2x faster and it's 100% guaranteed . 

lot of you may know this but hey everyone is not same. this may helpful to some people.

To do so you will need to to configure some advanced settings. Don't worry I will show you everything. 

Let's get started,

First go to your phone settings and select about phone
You will see a option named software information click on that and you will see a new page. 

After that you'll see your phone info and there will be a option named build number.

Click on your build number 7 times

After that it may I ask you your phone pin number or directly enable the developer option. 

Now we have successfully enable the developer option to see that go back settings homepage. At the end of the page you will see a new option. 
please note 

if you are Xiaomi  phone user you will need to click on MIUI version 7 times to enable developer option and it will showed up on more settings  option.

Now go there and scroll down until you see this three option. 

now make change those value into .5x 

don't leave it's not done yet we need to change some settings 

now scroll down until you see this option  

Turn this on this will enable MSAA feature that means your gpu will work when there is high load. 
That's it you will feel the speed from now. 

that's it feel free to contact me if you need any help. 

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